Bush is a sexy beast.

We all know people who say "It doesn't make a difference who is president." or "I don't care who wins." or "I don't vote." Because it is no skin off their back who wins, take them to the polls with you and have them vote for someone other than Bush in the presidential election. Offer to buy them a beer for their trouble.

Reasons America should have voted against Bush in the 2004 presidential election:

The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration

In a perfect example of the Bush administration's foreign policy, the campaign decided to block everyone outside of the United States from being able to access their official campaign website directly.

Kerry isn't the only presidential candidate who has 'flip flopped'. Bush has a history of flip flopping and has done so on some of his major campaign points. A few of the major issues Bush has flip flopped on include the existence of weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, his stance on nation building, the creation of the September 11 Commission, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and even if the war on terror was winnable.

The reason the White House gives for invading Iraq was to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction. Don't think Bush invaded Iraq to 'get' Saddam Hussein? When Hussein was captured, he had a pistol at his side. Bush had Saddam's pistol mounted on the wall in a study adjoining the Oval Office.

The Bush Administration released fake news reports to tout their new Medicare law. They even hired actors to pretend to be news reporters.

While it is not the first to politicize science, the Bush administration has distorted scientific data in an effort to shape environmental, health, and bio-medical research policy to such an extreme that an independent group of scientists (including 20 Nobel laureates) have issued a statement and report on the subject.

Bush abandoned the Kyoto Treaty. Maybe it's because the treaty is designed to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and that doesn't jive real well with his friends and interests in the oil industry. His alternative plan was to let businesses voluntarily reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. When was the last time a business did something voluntarily that also cost them money to do?

Bush apparently doesn't care that millions around the world protested his War on Iraq and nations we thought were our allies now hate and resent us.

Did you know that right before 9/11 Bush had taken the entire month of August off for vacation? He took the most vacation during his first year in office than any president. I don't know about you, but I only get 2 weeks a year. And you have to think that there must have been at least some intelligence to suggest that something was about to happen. Oh wait, maybe there was.

Hey remember Bush's pledge to catch Osama bin Laden dead or alive? Yeah. I'm still waiting too. Pretty soon bin Laden will die of old age and Bush will somehow get credit for it.

Oh yeah, and remember that whole Anthrax thing? Did they ever catch the people who were responsible for that? Yeah. I'm still waiting to hear that they have a lead or something.

Bush hates gays so much that he'd rather amend the Constitution than allow gay marriage. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that all men are created equal. Bush also declared Marriage Protection Week.

Bush is so pro-life that he proclaimed a "National Sanctity of Human Life Day" (2004, 2003, 2002) Thanks for making everyone's mind up for them.

I'm still troubled by that whole Patriot Act thing. I don't really like the fact that if the government wants to know what books I check out, they can request the documents from the library. And the best part is that it is against the law for the librarian to tell me if I am under investigation. And what are they trying to hide by calling it the "Patriot Act" instead of something more accurate like the "We Don't Trust the Nation's Citizens Act"?

Hey and remember that whole Operation TIPS thing that Ashcroft hatched? Yeah. The last time I checked, it was illegal for the US government to spy on it's own citizens.

And for added security, we should let minimum wage workers look at all airline passengers naked. We are approaching the time when we need to question whether all these measures are really making us safer or just stripping us of our dignity. Get it? "stripping"?

Hey, where are all those weapons of mass destruction that justified the Iraq Attack? You would have thought by now that the Bush administration would have had enough time to plant at least one somewhere.

The US still has troops in Afghanistan.

Bush spent the nation's surplus and created what may become the biggest deficit in American history.

The war in Iraq costs the US about $3.9 billion a month. What was that exit strategy again?

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that Bush was the first U.S. president to enter office with a criminal record?


Not So Fond Memories

  • "Evil Doers"
  • "smoke 'em out of their caves"
  • "bring 'em to justice"
  • "Dead or Alive"
  • "Axis of Evil"
  • "If X happens, the terrorists have won."
  • "Shock and Awe"
  • "freedom fries" and "freedom toast"
  • "Code Orange"
  • Using 9/11 to push any issue.


Hey, where are the Dancing Eagles?!

And where the heck are the WGirls?!


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